Happy Cooking Hospitality started small, with a 30-seat restaurant on a bustling West Village corner. Since opening Joseph Leonard in 2009, their family has grown to also include Jeffrey's Grocery, Fedora, Bar Sardine, Fairfax, and their newest venture, The Jones.

“I have had the great pleasure of working Evyn Block and her team for the past year and I can enthusiastically and passionately recommend them to anyone who is seeking public relations firm. The team at EBC has a work ethic and commitment that is on par with our industry - they have always been there hustling with us regardless of the time or the day of the week. They are the perfect combination of advisers, creators of original ideas, editors and hustlers — they are the whole package. Over my years in the industry, I have worked with a few different firms, I have had in house PR at times and I have had no PR at times — and without a doubt I have never worked with anyone as connected and effective as the team at EBC. They strategy is equally matched by their warmth and understanding of the hospitality industry. If you are looking for the best in the game — then look no further and get involved with this team.” -Gabriel Stulman